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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently-asked questions about our products and services. Please contact us with any other questions!

Can I use my existing folders or envelopes with your blueprint storage system?

Yes. Our poly hangers are made to securely hang your existing folders, envelopes, boxes, or job jackets. Our heavy-duty aluminum hangers are made to clamp to any item as well.

Can I buy hangers without the jackets?

Yes. The pricing for each individual sized hanger is published under the poly and aluminum hanger section of our website.

What can I use the hanging racks and jackets for?

You can store any blueprint, oversized file, map, sample, print, artwork, or flexo plate in our system. We will also make a rack or jacket to fit ANY-sized document at a reasonable cost. Our file storage system is made to fit any space or budget.

How many prints can the hangers hold?

Our poly hangers easily hold 40 to 50 sheets each and our aluminum hangers easily hold up to 60 sheets. Post extenders increase the aluminum hanger capacity to over 100sheets.

How many prints do the racks hold?

On average the racks from Big Blueprint Hanger hold three sets per inch with poly hangers and two sets per inch with aluminum hangers including finger room.

Can I store different sized items on the same rack?

Yes. You should design the blueprint storage rack to fit the largest item and all other sizes will fit on them. The hangers all have the same hole pattern so whether your documents are 11” x 17” or 36” x 48” they will all fit.

Are the racks and hangers priced separately?

Yes. The individual prices are shown for each item and can be purchased separately.

What standard colors do the products come in?

The standard rack colors are light gray, but they can be ordered in red, black, blue, dark gray or tan with extended lead times. The light duty poly hangers are available in white and the heavy-duty poly hangers are available in blue. The aluminum hangers are available in brushed aluminum only. Our tag jackets are available in white and the see-thru vinyl jackets are opaque.

How long will it take to receive the product once I place an order?

Most hangers are in stock and are shipped within 72 hours of an order. Typically, our blueprint storage racks are shipped in 1 to 2 weeks after an order is placed.

Can I return the product if I don’t like it?

Yes, we will take the product back within 10 days of receipt provided that it is in the original package and not damaged. We will also exchange sizes if it is not the correct size to meet your needs. There are absolutely no returns after 10 days.

How does the system work?

It is very similar to hanging coats or shirts in a closet. See our products for better ideas.