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How to Use Our Poly Hangers

Our blueprint poly hangers are strong, reusable and inexpensive. Literally 1/3 the cost of other aluminum hangers, they store a lot more blueprints in much less space!

Each poly hanger holds up to 50 prints and is made from high density linear polyethylene. A common, heavy duty office stapler is all that is required to secure your plan set to the hanger. Just roll the plans up on the poly hanger for easy transportation of plans. It’s that simple.

Here are instructions for how to attach your blueprints to these hangers.

Poly Hanger Step 1
1) Slip the poly hanger between prints.
Poly Hanger Step 2
2) Center the hanger with the edges.
Poly Hanger Step 3
3) Use clips to temporarily hold it.
Poly Hanger Step 4
4) Staple the prints to the hanger.

Note: A common desk stapler with 1/4″ staples is shown here and works well for most prints. However, a heavy duty adjustable stapler and longer staples are suggested because of the different thickness of your print sets.  These items are readily available at your local office supply store.