Blueprint Hangers
Wide-Format Aluminum Hangers

Wide-Format Aluminum Hangers

Wide-Format Aluminum Hangers

Our durable, wide-format, aluminum-clamp type blueprint hangers are designed for quick, hassle-free plan changes, and are great for active or archived plans.  WF Aluminum Blueprint Hangers are easier to use and better priced than other brands on the market. Our hanger has superior gripping power because the clamp pressure is directly applied to your plans.

Combined with the Big Blueprint Poly-Hanger, these aluminum hangers will maximize the capacity of your blueprint file system, whether archived or work-in-progress.  One hanger can easily hold up more than 60 sheets of paper.  Increase the capacity with our extended post option found under accessories.

Here are instructions for how to assemble these aluminum hangers.

Option Width Price
A 18" $22.05
B 24" $23.15
C 30" $28.10
D 36" $32.55
E 48" $39.20
Please call for pricing.
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$ 22.05 USD