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Blueprint Racks
Rolled Blueprint Storage Rack
Rolled Blueprint Storage Rack

Rolled Blueprint Storage Rack

Take advantage of your vertical space to organize your blueprints or other large rolled materials. This rack requires only a very compact footprint saving you valuable floorspace. Heavy duty steel frame with welded posts supports up to 960 lbs. of material per rack.

Option A includes sixteen 5” bins. Overall units are 84” tall, 21” wide and 11’’ deep and rest on steel “feet”. Bin “posts” are welded at an incline and extend 9” off frame.

Option B includes five 8” bins in the lower section for extra large rolls, four 6” bins in the middle section for medium to semi-large rolls, and four 4” bins in the upper section for smaller rolls.

Wall brackets with 16” stud spaced mounting holes extend the frame 1-1/4” off wall to allow space for chair rail or baseboard are included. Finished in a durable powder coated textured black paint.


Option Includes Dimensions Price
A Sixteen 5" bins 12" W 2.5" D 84" H $377
B Five 8″, four 6″, four 4″ bins 12" W 2.5" D 84" H $377
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A (Sixteen 5" bins)
B (Five 8″, four 6″, four 4″ bins)
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